Portable Sandblasting, Portable Media Blasting

Portable service costs

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Things to consider when inquiring on how much it costs to have a portable sandblasting outfit visit your home or job site delivering material and equipment for the purpose of performing service for you.

Fuel- 375 cfm air compressor weighs 4,300 lbs and burns 5 gallons of diesel fuel per hour
@  $4.00/ gal.  -an 8 hour shift costs $160.00 just to run the compressor.
A high percentage of the work I do is done in a few hours.
Some jobs go on for several days.

Material- At "full tilt" (cranked up all the way)- my blast equipment can run 800 lbs of material per hour- (in a nonstop situation)
Coal slag has tripled in price over the last 10 years. Depending on the quantity purchased, I have seen it as high as $300.00 per ton.  
 Unfortunately the material doses not magically appear at the job or in the blaster. This requires financing the purchase, fuel, and mileage and driver time. It is not conveniently located on the shelf at the nearest 7-11.

Soda is $1.00 (one dollar per lb). ,/ $1.00/ per  lb, is about 1/4 the productivity of sand ( increases fuel consumption due to run time) , increased quantity of material to accomplish per square foot and is not as readily available as some other blast medias. "For special occasions only".  Very dusty, costly and low productivity. Soda is 9.0 on the ph scale- enough of it will kill grass and plants as it also kills mold.
Corn cob- reclaimable, cheap (50 cents/ lb) and much less dust than sand or soda. It will not leave a residue on sheet metal like soda or kieserite and is "green" friendly. Another nice trait of corn cob is that it has an absorbent property in that upon impact on a damp surface will dry and absorb moisture. It can assist in the drying of wood structures that have had roof leaks or water damage caused by fire control personnel and their methods.

Anyhow- obviously it takes trucks,  trucks need maintenance, drivers need insurance and it is nice to have tires that hold air. I’m not complaining - just painting a picture for people that expect things at 1969 prices.
With $1800/ year telephone communication costs, and only 7 months of good weather in this region... if there is nothing in it for me at the end - well... I just can’t be there. I have invested a great portion of my earnings on equipment to be able to do this. I have a huge passion for this line of work and absolutely love it.
For those that need the service and are looking for a well seasoned blasting specialist.....you  have found the best guy for the job- Neal Lukowski- give me a call at (630) 971 - DONE 

Thanks for reading, have a good day.


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