Portable Sandblasting, Portable Media Blasting

Portable Media Blasting 


Sodium Bi-Carbonate (Soda)-  2.8 on the moh hardness scale, 9.0 ph (base), and water soluble

Corn Cob- 4.5 on the moh scale of hardness, bio degradeable

Kiesrerite is a mineral mined in Germany, 3.5 moh hardness rating, is water soluble and has a neutral ph

Silica Sand - (quartz) 7.0 moh hardness, bead - like granules typically not used in public areas or indoors

 Crushed Glass is available in very fine granules  and has a hardness of 6.5

 Coal Slag for removal of heavy coatings and rust 8.0 on the moh scale of hardness
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